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Purus Co

Candle Refill

More joy, less waste.

A Candle Refill Program designed just for you!

Refill was dreamed up as a part of our sustainability initiative within our company. It seeks to close the waste gap in the lifespan of our candles vessels. Yes, by all means, if you need another planter or small storage vessel within your home, our vessels are designed with this second life in mind.


In short, you place an order for a new or different scent and we mail it to you! Simply follow the steps below and we'll handle the rest!

Step 1 - Burn through your Purus Co candle

Before you can purchase a refill, you must first have a 12 oz Candle Vessel in your home. Any scent will do! Once you have completely burned through your candle vessel, you’re ready to purchase a refill.

Step 2 - Purchase Refill Listing

You can select any scent from this listing. It does not need to match the candle scent you previously collected. The fun in this is that you are recycling and enjoying the process of trying new scents.

Step 3 - Clean Your Vessel

Need suggestions on how to clean out your vessel prior to returning it? Visit our REFILL Post for details and quality check points we are looking for! We are not accepting uncleaned vessels at this time.

Step 4 -  Enjoy

Once you received the candle refill, just place the candle in the jar and enjoy!

Please note: Only original 12 oz candle vessels are eligible for the Refill program.


If you live in or near Charlotte, NC please visit us at Uptown Farmer’s Market for a refill in person. Refills are only available at Uptown Farmer’s Market for pick-up. Refill orders must be placed the Friday before each Saturday the Market is open. The market is open Saturdays between the hours of 8am-12:30 pm. If you have any questions please contact

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Kindly Made

Cruelty-free, cruelty- free bunny, cruelty free, cruelty free badgeCruelty-Free: All of the products at Purus Co. are cruelty-free.
Vegan: Products contain no animal products or animal derived ingredients.
Carcinogen free, carcinogen free products, carcinogen free candlesCarcinogen Free: Carcinogen is a chemical or ingredient known/thought to cause cancer. All of Purus Co. products do not contain nor have been developed with carcinogen.
Toxic free, toxin free, toxin free candlesToxin Free: There are toxins that can pose adverse health effects ranging from short to long term effects. None of our products contain any reproductive, acute, or organ toxins.
Mutagen Free candles, Mutagen Free, Toxin Free candlesMutagen Free: Mutagen is a chemical or physical agent that has the ability to change our genetic code in a harmful way. Exposure to mutagen can produce DNA mutations that cause or contribute to diseases. None of our products contain mutagen.
phthalate free candles, phthalate free products, phthalate free candlePhthalate Free: Phalates are usually found in personal care and household products as a fragrance ingredient used to help fragrance scents linger. Human health effects from exposure to low levels of phthalates have affected the reproductive system. None of our products contain phthaltates.

Plant Trees With Us

We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees! One Tree Planted is nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. We are honored to support reforestation with One Tree Planted as part of out commitment to sustainability.