Sustainability life

Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Ever wondered how to become more sustainable or make a better impact on the world? But what is sustainability and what can you do to start living a sustainable lifestyle?

A Sustainable lifestyle involves making choices that aim to reduce our individual and collective environmental impact by making positive changes to offset climate change and reduce environmental damage. 

Here are some simple changes you can do to start having a more sustainable lifestyle. 

        1. Use as much natural light: Using natural light rather than switching on the light bulb, you'll reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.
        2. Don't use plastic bags: While shopping it is easy to grab the plastic bags next to the register to carry your groceries. Invest in a reusable tote bag instead to carry your groceries. They are long lasting and can carry more items.
        3. Go Paperless: Opt in to receive digital notices and letters instead of paper.
        4. Sustainable Shopping: Learn how to find sustainable materials when shopping. Look for things that can be use like candle vessels, tins, and jars.
        5. Prepare Home Cooked Meals: Regularly prepare home-cooked meals and save on takeaway storage containers. This reduces the amount of paper and plastic used in your home
        6. Stainless Steel: Use stainless steel drink bottles rather than plastic water bottles. It keeps your drinks cold as well!
        7. Note Taking: Use your phone, tablet or computer for note-taking. This also helps you easily add diagrams, photos, or graphs if needed. It also, keep you much more organized.
        8. Repurpose Clothing: Repurpose old clothes as rags or donate clothes that do not fit or no longer need to a local charity organization.
        9.  Read labels: Read labels for toxic and harmful chemicals that could harm you, your pets, and other animals including endangered species by looking for non-toxic products 
        10. Walk more, Drive less: Walk or ride a bike to your destination instead of driving if it’s close enough. It reduces carbon footprint and better for the environment. Also, it is a great way for some exercise and your health!